Filming in Tanzania

Beautiful beaches, the Great Wildebeest Migration, Africa’s highest summit, all for you. Filming in Tanzania allows you to opt for any of these (or all, if you prefer). Thanks to its friendly climate and landscape diversity, this African country is a gem. The bureaucratic aspects may sound less appealing, but that is why we are here. With the help of a leading production fixer in Tanzania, there is a solution for everything. Allow us to help you make the most of this country’s filming potential. As complicated as it may seem to get film permits in Tanzania, we can make it happen. Contact us for more!

The Ultimate Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Tanzania

Challenge all your perceptions about Africa and choose to film in Tanzania. You will be surely blown away by its incredible landscape and majestic fauna. Team up with our experienced location manager to get the most unique shots and not just in sunset light. All year round filming is possible here and opportunities are endless. Continental destinations or islands are part of the offer. And so is our top-notch production assistance. Get in touch with us and work with a team of dedicated fixers, looking forward to helping you. We know where and how to get you the ultimate filming resources. Trust us to go the extra mile to make sure everything is ready on set and outside of it, for your convenience. Film permits or gear rental, you name it, we do it. Filming in Tanzania becomes more enjoyable when you avoid the hassle of paperwork.

Capture the real wildlife in action or the uniqueness of African tribes living here. There is so much to see through your viewfinder, that you may want to spend more than three months filming here. Make sure you get all the approvals for your production to avoid extra costs. Rely on our extensive production assistance, for a stress-free experience.

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Getting Film Permits In Tanzania

For a worry-free experience of filming in Tanzania, film permits are essential. This process can be time-consuming and take a toll on your budget. To relieve some of the stress this process brings team up with Fixer Tanzania.

Get in touch with us ahead of schedule, to ensure enough time to get the approvals. Avoid any delay in your shooting program. Film permits take around 8 weeks. As for the fees, the standard costs $1000. If you need an urgent film permit, prepare to allocate $3000 and wait for 2-3 weeks to get it. For your peace of mind, allow at least 8 weeks ahead to get all the permissions. For aerial shots, we recommend working with a local drone operator. Bringing your own gear can be costly.

The formalities for film permits in Tanzania run smoother with the help of a local producer. Your application needs to get stamped by your closest Tanzanian embassy/consulate. Next, scan and email this application, plus a letter addressed to the Tanzania Film Board. Include details about the crew, the shooting calendar, locations, script. Once the Film Board gets your application, Fixer Tanzania will liaise on your behalf. 

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Filming in Tanzania with Fixer Tanzania

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Tanzania

Working on a video production abroad comes with many challenges and rewards at the same time. When it comes to filming in Tanzania, the rule applies and you will find yourself enchanted most of the time. While still developing, this country attracts foreign filmmakers with its scenery. The abundance of unique backdrops and affordable workforce are a plus. The missing element is the lack of an incentive scheme for the film industry. So you have to rely entirely on your budget. Any foreign production company that wants to film here does not benefit from any tax rebate.

If you were hoping to get support from the authorities, this may change your mind. However, there are still plenty of reasons you should consider filming here. Working with an experienced production fixer can help you see them. Count on us for insightful information on the most convenient deals. Rely on our team for top-notch support and the ultimate filming resources. Our nation-wide network of collaborators is ready to assist. Wherever you decide to film, we bring you all you need on set. We strive to help any foreign production company enjoy filming in Tanzania. Allow us to show you what we can do!

Filming in Tanzania