Film Permits & Locations

Turn your camera towards Africa’s wildest backdrops. The Tanzania filming locations will capture your heart and your viewfinder. If you have doubts, we know our location manager can fully convince you. Explore remote villages, fierce wilderness, or bustling urbanity. Any kind of décor you may envision, we can find it here. And while you enjoy your time behind the camera, allow us to handle the cumbersome film permits. Get in touch with us for a sample of what Fixer Tanzania can provide. For the support you deserve, we have unbeatable rates. Enjoy our tailored production assistance and local deals for crew and kit.

Tanzania Filming Locations – Dar Es Salaam

For easy access to top filming resources, we recommend filming in Dar es Salaam. The former capital is a modern city, providing easy access to coastal backdrops. As the country’s largest city, it stands out easily among Tanzania filming locations. For telegenic beaches, opt for Coco Beach or the paradisiac Mbudya Island. To capture bustling life on film, go to locations like the Kivukoni Fish Market. If you want to shoot in the country’s largest production center, we can help. For reliable, cost-efficient production assistance, Fixer Tanzania is what you need. Let us untangle the intricate requirements for film permits for you. And assist through the process of applying as well. 

In any location of your choice, our top support does not fail. Even when it involves jumping on a Tanzam train. We know that might tempt you for a unique angle of the most impressive landscapes. Ready to talk about filming in Tanzania?

Tanzania filming locations dar es salaam

Filming in Zanzibar

For the most picturesque palm-framed beaches, there is an archipelago waiting for you. Filming in Zanzibar is going to leave you taken aback, no doubt. This is where you can get some of the most stunning underwater shots. For that, the desert islands near Pemba Island is where you should head to. Corals and insanely telegenic marine life are the main attraction here. Yet you know there is always more to that when we talk about Tanzania filming locations. Old Arabian architecture can take you to another era and add a unique touch to your film. Whether you want to get the ocean life vibes on camera or just dive into unexpected angles, contact us. Fixer Tanzania provides the support you need when filming abroad. Our services are fully customized to match your needs and budget. For film permits in Tanzania, gear rental, and more, we are a message away!

Tanzania filming locations zanzibar

Tanzania Filming Locations – Kilimanjaro

If you aim to produce a box-office success video, you need more than the average backdrop. Nothing could stand out more among Tanzania filming locations than its highest peak. If Kilimanjaro sounds like your dream location, allow us to arrange the details. As you know, we strive to ensure the ultimate filming conditions for our clients. Any foreign production company knows our support is worth the hype. We have a knowledgeable location scout manager that will take you through the most scenic routes. Plus, we can give you a hand with the film permits, so you get things ready to roll on time.

From the base to the peak of Kilimanjaro, Fixer Tanzania is at your service. Count on our locally-sourced production support for a great filming experience. A reliable fixer is exactly the kind of partner you need when filming in Tanzania. Let’s talk more!

film permits tanzania kilimanjaro

Filming in Dodoma

As a respectable and reliable film fixer in Tanzania, we could not skip the capital. Dodoma brings some surprises for filmmakers, ranging from historical monuments to wineries. Found in the heart of the country, it has its charm, compared to the rest of Tanzania filming locations. To capture a stunning panorama of the city, the Simba Rock is a popular spot to film from. Count on our location scout manager to guide your steps up. As for the film permits you will need to record in Dodoma, allow us to help. The support of a local fixer is invaluable for foreign filmmakers. The process is lengthy and budget-draining. Standard film permits take up to 8 weeks for emission and cost $1000. A last-minute permit is $3000 and takes 2-3 weeks for approval. Let us guide you through the paperwork safari. Fixer Tanzania is the ally you need when filming abroad!

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